CORUS X-UAM project plans to demonstrate safe drone deliveries in urban settings across Europe

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CORUS-X-UAM-Corriere-di-TarantoParticipants in the SESAR JU CORUS X-UAM project to strengthen safe Unmanned Aerial Systems operations, plan a live demonstration later this year in the area of Grottaglie airport in Italy in 2021, linking the Manduria airfield and the city hospital.

The CORUS X-UAM project (Operational concepts for European U-space services, extension to urban mobility) includes 7 states (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom) and plans six large-scale live demonstrations on mobility urban aerial also to integrate low-altitude drone flights with operations taking place in controlled airspace near airports. Led by Eurocontrol, the programme includes 30 European partners.

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