InterAirport Innovation Awards MC Solutions in the category Data & Digitalization

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MIA System | Modular Intelligence Airport engineered, developed, installed and patented by MC Solutions is now operative since 2019.

It is composed of high-tech sturdy hardware and software and almost three years the surveys confirm its efficiency, reliability and sustainability: 0% failures of substation devices and cables; 0% optical connector failures; 2% malfunctioning on 1725 modules; 0 service disruption; 0.6 s burnt alarm to tower; 20 times energy consumption lower if compared to power line communication monitoring system.

As a consequence, there is a significant reduction in fixed maintenance interventions, a dramatic cut on spare parts and essentially it constitutes a valuable predictive maintenance tool.

In other words, the infrastructure of the future: low fixed costs for maintenance that is not fed by passenger flow incomes.

Furthermore, MIA monitors & controls any kind of lights, CCR units and auxiliary services, thus delivering to airport managing company the freedom of choice for lights and CCR suppliers, besides the operational efficiency described.

Conclusively KPIs and Innovation are worth the abandon of the 30-year-old powerline communication systems and embracing a new technology for AGL monitoring and control.