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Eszter Kovacs, formerly acting Secretary-General of the Global UTM Association (GUTMA) CEO and founder of Manageld and DroneTalks.online, and Lorenzo Murzilli, Founder and CEO of Murzilli Consulting and former Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) Leader and U-Space Program Manager, talk to us about the idea behind DroneTalks and about the latest addition to the platform, DroneTalks Academy.

What was your aim when setting up DroneTalks?

Eszter Kovacs: We set up DroneTalks to educate and inform the entire drone ecosystem by talking with C-level leaders about the latest news, regulatory issues, technical achievements, and trends and helping stakeholders understand what various organizations and companies throughout the industry are doing.

We also wanted to tackle the issue of social acceptance. We think it's important to show that drone technology is something that is happening today, right now, not just something of the future. We want to highlight all of the fantastic, often life-saving, drone operations to de-mystify them and move away from the negative perception reflected in the media.

We see that you have just launched a learning platform. Tell us more about that.

Lorenzo Murzilli: Education has always been something we're passionate about, and we felt like there was a gap in the industry where people are still operating in a siloed way. We saw the opportunity to bridge the gap and provide a platform for people of all disciplines with a professional interest in the industry to come together to learn about the overlapping aspects to enable more effective participation.

So we officially launched DroneTalks Academy last week, initially offering two virtual, interactive instructor-led courses. You can find more information about the courses here at our DroneTalks Q&A video.

The 'Executive briefing in Drones'is a one-day session designed for aviation decision-makers, enterprises, start-ups, associations, and governments. The course offers to rapidly build an understanding of the latest drone regulations and the essential stakeholders and discover the best framework for operating with clarity.

The First Hire Diploma in Drones is a more prolonged course running over six weeks (7 full days in total), designed for new employees, executives, start-ups, marketing professionals, software developers, associations, and governments. The course provides a complete 360 overview of drone services technology and the associated regulatory implications. It will also delve into the business strategies and operational requirements that stakeholders need to participate in the drone ecosystem successfully.

Who are the instructors?

Eszter Kovacs: The course's headteacher is Lorenzo Murzilli. For the diploma, we invited leaders from the industry to teach based on their real-life experience. We have great names lined up, like Thomas Neubauer, CEO of Dimetor, Frederic Hemmler, CEO of Aero41, or Yves Morier, former EASA manager.

Lorenzo Murzilli: The focus of selecting the instructors has been to ensure expertise and engagement in a blend that guarantees the fundamental concepts are delivered in a dynamic learning environment.

When do the courses start?

The next Executive briefing is on the 3rd of March 2021 with Lorenzo. The next First Hire Diploma in Drones will begin on the 19th of April.

What is next for DroneTalks?

Eszter Kovacs: We are expecting the launch of the Academy to keep us busy for a while! But we are also really keen on expanding, and I see the education part of the platform growing to encompass schools, universities, and non-profit organizations. This growth will enhance the drone education program to take our message beyond the immediate industry and get people from all parts of society involved!

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