ENAIRE caught a professional drone operator filing a flight request with false documents

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Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems are all about detecting drones, communicating with them and coordinate with air traffic management if required. This is the funny and technical part of it but there is more to it. Flights in controlled airspace or over dense area request authorisations and UTM systems shall also manage the authorisation process.

This process is formal and can be a bit administrative. But even in a connected, integrated world, it remains necessary. The Spanish ANSP ENAIRE has a such a process in place for a couple of years now and it looks like a drone operator tried to abuse it...

They filed a request to fly in controlled airspace of Girona-Costa Brava Airport and in an urban area of the city of Girona. The request was accompanied by documents claiming that the flights were planned on request of the police forces, on the basis of Article 44 of Royal Decree 1036/2017.

The validation process ran well and ENAIRE became suspicious. Further verifications shown that the document was false and that no police authority ever requested such a flight. The request obviously got denied and the originator got questioned by the police and charged by the justice.

Nobody should think that paperwork verification does not exist anymore in the digital world. One of the most surprising part is that this request was filed by a professional operator, which raises questions about their professionalism. This case is also a great proof that ENAIRE has their UTM system and procedures well established.


Full story by ENAIRE: https://www.enaire.es/en_GB/2020_05_28/ndp_mossos_drones_a_professional_drone_operator_is_being