EUROCONTROL - SESAR 2020 PJ02-W2-WP04 Operational Concept deliverables and validation support

Call for tenders

EUROCONTROL issued a call for tender for the SESAR 2020 Wave 2 PJ02 Work Package 04 (PJ02-WP04) which aims to increase the efficiency of runway operations by optimising separation minima in capacity constrained airports.


Existing departure and arrival wake turbulence separations are considered to be over-conservative in that they are applied by the use of fixed values regardless of the prevailing meteorological condition impact on the transport and decay of the wake turbulence. A dynamic and flexible application of separations could lead to a more efficient but equally safe way of mitigating against wake encounter risks.


The Tenderer shall have at least 3 years previous experience writing SESAR documents using the SESAR processes and templates (i.e. the OSED, TS, VALP, VALR), with the necessary experience proven by providing references from relevant previous contracts relating to similar work within the last three years.

Call for tenders: