FAA temporarily closes ATC facilites for Corona virus cleaning

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Not only the US Federal Aviation administration is taking cases of Corona virus seriously but they are also communicating very openly to the public.

After ATCOs and technical staff tested positive to COVID-19, the FAA temporarily closed the tower at New-York JFK airport - having ATCOs operating from a backup location. The Indianapolis Air Route Traffic Control Center also got closed shortly for cleaning, all traffic being re-routed via other sectors.

Except for the Spanish ENAIRE reporting two cases of ATCOs being contaminated, there are no similar reports coming from Europe now, at least not being reported as transparently as the FAA does.


Full story: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-usa-controltowers/us-faa-closes-air-traffic-facilities-in-new-york-indianapolis-for-coronavirus-cleaning-idUSKBN21727R