FlyAI report by EUROCONTROL and other European partners

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European partners deliver first ‘FLY AI’ report on the current use and future potential of artificial intelligence in aviation, containing amongst other:
    • Catalogue of existing (incl. operational !) AI enabled application
    • Strong concrete actions how together we will make aviation & Air Traffic Management FLY better, greener & safer through AI

The report finds that AI has huge potential for use in areas where it can reduce human workload or increase human capabilities in complex scenarios, e.g. to support air traffic controllers (ATCOs), Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP), pilots, airport operators, flow controllers or cybersecurity officers. AI will also play a fundamental role in driving the development of new ATM/U-space services, as new airspace users (high-level vehicles, low-level drones) seek to enter an already busy and complex airspace. AI will also increase safety and cyber resilience through the provision of new conflict detection, traffic advisory and resolution tools.
      Full report: