Indra to modernize Uzbekistan ATM and CNS

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Indra will completely modernise Uzbekistan's air navigation infrastructure. Renovating the route and approach control centers in Tashkent and Samarkand, as well as the terminal control centers in Bukhara and Urgench. Indra will also provide a simulator to reinforce the training of the air traffic controllers. Indra will also set up at Samarkand International Airport a station equipped with a primary and secondary radar to facilitate the approach of aircraft to its runways. The control center and the tower will have voice communication systems and HF and VHF radios from the company. And the airport's new runway will have an instrument landing system (ILS/DME) from Indra to operate in low visibility conditions. To speed up and guarantee the safety of aircraft movements on the flight deck, Indra will also introduce a surface radar and an A-SMGCS.
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