Rehabilitation of Runway and Associated Works (LUX/ELLX)

Call for tenders

Title: Rehabilitation of Runway and Associated Works (LUX/ELLX)

Contracting body: Société de l'Aéroport de Luxembourg S.A.

Description: Rehabilitation of Runway 06-24 and Associated Works (LUX/ELLX), to be delivered before the end of 2022. A significant amount of construction work must be executed during nightly closure windows, as there is no alternative to this single runway at Luxembourg Airport. The operational continuity of the runway outside of nightly closure windows must be preserved at all times during the project. The rehabilitation work includes civil works and electrical works for the runway itself and the taxiway connections, as well as a replacement of the storm water drainage system and improvement of the runway graded strip and RESA. The runway requires multiple pavement overlay with the number of pavement layers dependent on local conditions on discretely different sections of existing pavement. In addition, the rehabilitation work includes the reconstruction of taxiway India connecting the runway with the maintenance apron PAPA 8.

CPVs: 45235210 Runway resurfacing
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