Remote Tower System for the Lublin airport with a remote center located in Rzeszów

Call for tenders

Title: Delivery of the Remote Tower System for the Lublin EPLB airport with a remote center located in OKRL Rzeszów

Contracting body: Polska Agencja Żeglugi Powietrznej

Description: The subject of the order is the delivery of the Remote Tower System for the Lublin EPLB airport with a remote center located in OKRL Rzeszów. The subject of the contract includes:

  • design, construction and implementation of a system enabling authorized TWR Lublin operating personnel to perform the Remote Tower airport remote control service for the Lublin Airport (EPLB), with the remote center located in the building of the Air Traffic Control Center in Rzeszów, together with the supply of necessary equipment
  • installation and construction of the necessary infrastructure for the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency
  • design and implementation mean, inter alia, the preparation of complete construction and executive documentation together with all required arrangements and decisions, as well as the presentation of the system implementation plan for operational work, together with relevant documentation

A detailed description of the subject of the contract - is included in Annex 1 to the ToR


CPVs: 34962100 Control tower equipment 45213330 Construction work for buildings relating to air transport 32500000 Telecommunications equipment and supplies 71000000 Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services 45111200 Site preparation and clearance work 45262300 Concrete work 45262210 Foundation work 45220000 Engineering works and construction works 45232330 Erection of aerials 45233120 Road construction works 32344250 Radio installations 32230000 Radio transmission apparatus with reception apparatus 45231400 Construction work for electricity power lines 45311000 Electrical wiring and fitting work 45232332 Ancillary works for telecommunications 45314300 Installation of cable infrastructure 34962210 Air-traffic control simulation 34962220 Air-traffic control systems 80510000 Specialist training services 45232310 Construction work for telephone lines

Call for tenders: