The UK Military Aviation Authority awards a training contract to the CAA

Contract award

The Military Aviation Authority intends to place a 3-year contract together with two added option years with the Civil Aviation Authority(CAA) for regulator facilitated air systems certification and air traffic management training. The CAA is the regulator of all aspects of civil aviation and the training will be delivered by Civil Aviation Authority.

The CAA is the only provider of training with the knowledge and skills and subject matter expertise to provide suitable training to educate MAA personnel to fulfil this requirement and who can ensure as part of that training the use of up to date information, regulations and regulatory know-how including from other regulatory bodies from other countries.


Maximum expected value: 280 000.00 GBP


2020/S 059-142849


Ministry of Defence, Air Support, Military Aviation Authority (MAA)


Issue date: 2020-03-24

End date: 2020-06-28

CPV codes: 34962230


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