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Binoculars are still used in control towers for everyday operations. Now, researchers from SESAR JU member, NLR - Netherlands Aerospace Centre, are investigating augmented reality goggles that will help controllers keep an augmented eye on airport traffic!


The researchers specifically looked at attention guidance strategies with an augmented reality device, the Microsoft HoloLens 2 (TM), inside an air traffic control tower environment for Schiphol Airport. 


The augmented reality blends real-world images with computer-generated data in real-time so that visual information can be enhanced to improve the identification and tracking of aircraft (or vehicles) on and around the airport. In low visibility, synthetic vision can show digital georeferenced data that supplement the missing real vision (virtual reality).


How fascinating is that? We'll be keeping our own beady eyes on this story to see how augmented reality goggles works out!


In other news, Auterion has announced their partnership with drive and motor specialist maxon — whose precision systems are enabling the autonomous helicopter Ingenuity and rover Perseverance to explore Mars.


The partnership will offer industry-changing avionics and propulsion system integration for software-defined drones that comply with federal directive, and mark the future of drone scaling.


With maxon's motors in NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter, they flew on Mars. Now they're focusing on drones on Earth, which will play an important role in the automated future.


This looks like a strong partner network to work on advancing state-of-the-art drone technology. We look forward to seeing their progress!


We also want to take the time to celebrate our 100th version of this newsletter!

100 excellent weeks of innovative news stories and exciting updates. Thanks to you all for your extremely helpful comments and contributions. 


We can't wait to see how the next 100 weeks unfold. 

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