Weekly review #101- 2nd June

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Virtual and augmented reality has a lot of (really good) stuff to answer for lately. Recently, we've seen the successful implementation of remote air traffic control towers, virtual training solutions and augmented reality solutions.   


It's evolving at a rapid rate and proving to be a powerful game-changer from every aspect. As a result, many diverse industries are now readily experimenting with this immersive technology to streamline their operations, improve capabilities, and train staff in a better way. 


Given the expensive nature of the aviation industry and the high cost of making mistakes, VR has now become a great asset for aviation companies to provide better service and train their staff in a more accurate way. 


So, we're pleased to see that skeyes and SOWAER have joined forces to build the first digital tower centre in Belgium. Thanks to augmented reality, they've signed a historic agreement that confirms the setting up of the first digital tower centre in Namur. It will guide air traffic at Liege and Charleroi Airports while increasing safety.


VR in the aviation industry is clearly here to stay. Companies that readily adopt it will stay ahead of the curve. We're looking forward to seeing more of it. 


In other, transformative news, ERA is about to cover the entire airspace of the Baltic state of Latvia. They've signed a new contract that will provide surveillance of air traffic over Latvia and beyond its borders (+30NM buffer zone) with the newly installed Wide Area Multilateration System (WAM).


This means Latvia will join the host of countries that benefit from whole-country coverage thanks to the Multi-sensor surveillance system by ERA based on multilateration technology. 


We're pleased to see so much planned modernisation and upgrades taking place. There's always some good news somewhere!

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