Weekly review #102- 9th June

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The successful remote air traffic news continues. And, this week, it's coming from Sweden! 


Swedavia has started enabling remote air traffic services at Kiruna airport. It's become the first of Swedavia’s airports to be managed from RTC Stockholm, marking its introduction of this innovative service. 


Now, Sweden has four remotely controlled airports: Örnsköldsvik Airport, Sundsvall Timrå Airport, Linköping-Saab Airport and Scandinavian Mountains Airport. 


The airport will be deployed with the Saab r-TWR system, which comprises 14 high-resolution cameras and sensors positioned on a mast, offering a 360-degree view of the airport. 


We're enjoying witnessing the development of this technology, and it's undoubtedly gratifying that after many years of intense work and collaboration with the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration, Swedavia is now taking the first step towards successful remote tower services!


On a similar note, the EU Council have recently reached an agreement on air traffic management reform, with a common position on the European Commission’s legislative proposal on the reform of the Single European Sky. 


The representatives of the Member States agreed on the reform, which aims to optimise European airspace management and the air navigation service system by increasing capacity, improving cost-efficiency and boosting the system’s ability to adapt to changes in traffic.


The changes are also expected to reduce the aviation CO2 footprint and are a significant step in the right direction. 


Good news all around! 



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