Weekly review #103- 16th June

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EUROCONTROL is working hard to support its partners during the COVID-19 pandemic. They've begun publishing a regular comprehensive assessment of the latest traffic situation in Europe and provide a comparison to the same period in 2019.


The page includes data snapshots, updated traffic scenarios for 2021, updated forecast updates for 2021-2024 and regular, detailed COVID impact briefings for individual countries.

It also includes useful resources to help passengers confidently plan European travel while staying healthy and safe.


It's packed to the brim with insights and we highly recommend you visit their page for updates.


In other news, we welcome the European partnership to open cities’ airspace to drones for the first time. Funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 programme, the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU) consortium for this project is made up of 22 companies from 14 countries across Europe.


The project will develop the solutions and procedures to integrate both the conventional air traffic management (ATM) system and the U-space control system to allow drone operations in cities.


Drones will boost the competitiveness of the entire economy and offer enormous potential for economic development and job creation.


What a great development to facilitate the work of regulatory bodies working on establishing the rules that will govern urban air mobility, and the development of technical standards and solutions shared by all manufacturers and operators.


ANSP news

  • Finland and Estonia set to merge air traffic control services - Both Finland and Estonia have revealed plans to merge air traffic control systems beginning as early as next year. As the two countries share the same airspace, establishing a system to collaboratively use should help reduce costs and improve flight safety.
  • CANSO recommends MARIA project as best practice in four areas - The Model of ATM Reality in Action (MARIA) project, developed by NAV Portugal, was recognized for the third consecutive year as a best practice for safety management systems in the civil aviation sector. The recognition was awarded by CANSO, an association that brings together more than 85% of air navigation service providers.

Airports news

Market news

  • Keysoft Solutions Ltd. Changes its Company Name to Transoft Solutions (UK) Ltd. - Keysoft Solutions transitions to become officially known as Transoft Solutions Ltd. In 2019, Keysoft Solutions was acquired by Transoft Solutions, Inc., global leaders in developing highly specialized software solutions for aviation, civil infrastructure, transportation and operational professionals, headquartered in British Columbia, Canada.
  • ENAIRE engages DFS Aviation Services consulting - DFS Aviation Services has been contracted by ENAIRE for the provision of operational and training consultancy services regarding the successful implementation of Flight Information Service for VFR aircraft by dedicated FIS-personnel. The consultancy will last until December 2022, when it is anticipated that the new FIS for VFR will commence operation.

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