Weekly review #106 - 7th July

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We’ve got another insight-packed podcast for you to listen to! 


This week we take a deep dive on the subject of fatigue management in ATC. On the podcast, we chat with Xavier Pretat, the Head of Fatigue Risk Management at ENAC in Toulouse. 


Here’s the link so you can check it out.


In the podcast we cover: 

  • How fatigue impacts ATCOs and what the typical fatigue level is 
  • Tips on how to manage fatigue and why it's so crucial to do so 
  • Clarifying what fatigue management is, as well as how to measure and take corrective measures on preventing it altogether 
  • A closer look at how the COVID-19 crisis impacts ATCOs fatigue 
  • The connection between fatigue in the cockpit and fatigue at the control sector 
  • How fatigue management is set to change in the next 5 years and in the next 50 years 

Let us know what you think after you've given it a listen. 


Naturally, we’ve also got news from around the world of ATC.

Highlights include Seychelles awarding Adacel with a $3.6 million ATM system modernisation contract. And, there are detailed briefings from EUROCONTROL on the impact of Covid-19 on Airports


Explore the links below to take a closer look! 



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Market news

  • Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority awards Adacel USD$3.6 million ATM system modernisation contract - Adacel Technologies Limited announced the award of a new contract from the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority valued at over USD$3.6 million to modernize its air traffic management system.
  • Oceanic HF coverage through SITTI vcs - CISCEA, launched a project for renewing the HF radio coverage over the Atlantic ocean by replacing obsolete radio devices installed in Recife, Belem and Rio de Janeiro and connecting the new ones to the Atlantic ACC VCS system. The radios will be initially connected to the CINDACTA3 technical room via TDM network. The project includes the possibility to be updated to operate through MPLS network.

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