Weekly review #110 - 4th August

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After a difficult year, the aviation industry is becoming a very exciting place again. There are constant, exciting developments across the sector, driven by technology that's yet to reveal its full potential. There are so many changes taking place that it can be difficult to keep up. We're here to help. 

Take this news from Australia's Northern Territory, for example. The region's government is looking to update its policies to align with developments in the drone industry. To do so, they're consulting with drone manufacturers and users. It's an encouraging example of public bodies recognising the potential of UAV technology.

Or this report out of Cranfield University, one of the leading institutions responsible for pushing the industry forward. They've recently been awarded for their work on an airspace management project in collaboration with the National Beyond visual line of sight Experimentation Corridor (NBEC) consortium.

There's also exciting news from the Netherlands, who have deployed a cloud solution for flight planning, delivered by R-SYS. Find out more about the increasing use of SaaS in ATM here

If you'd like to check out another one of our podcasts, you can use this link. In this podcast, we explore the role of EBAA in ATM, covering everything from the 'why' to the 'how' and 'when'. 

Market news

  • HENSOLDT wins contract for German airspace surveillance - HENSOLDT is supplying new radars to the German Armed Forces to modernise their airspace surveillance and build up Ballistic Missile Defence capabilities as part of the "Hughes Air Defence Radar Nachfolgesystem" programme.
  • Frequentis awarded contract under RCAF Tactical Control Radar project - Frequentis Canada Limited has been selected by the prime contractor Thales Canada Inc. to provide mission critical communication equipment for its Tactical Control Radar contract with the Department of National Defence. The contract, to support the future mission success of the Royal Canadian Air Force, consists of three new TCR systems, to be located in Bagotville, Quebec, and Cold Lake, Alberta.

Context information

  • Slot relief rules for airlines amended and extended - Mobility and Transport - European Commission proposed to amend the Slot Regulation and extended the slot relief rules adopted in February 2021. Relief will therefore be extended to the coming winter scheduling season. Instead of the normal requirement to use at least 80% of a given slot series to retain historic rights in those slots, airlines will only have to use 50% of a given slot series.
  • Asia Pacific: ATM recovery goes beyond the visual - Martin Chaloupek, Managing Director Frequentis Singapore, draws our attention to the modernisation of the ATM system and explains what is needed for ATM recovery in Asia Pacific.

Reports and data

Research and innovation