Weekly review #111- Busier, more modern airports

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Those same airports that were so quiet just last year are becoming busy places once again. Recent traffic reports show a jump in numbers that aligns with the summer holiday season. In order to keep up, more and more air traffic professionals are turning to modern ATC solutions. 


Recovery is well underway for German aviation. The country's airports recently saw the strongest traffic increase of 2021. While numbers are still low compared to 2019, there's clear, encouraging evidence that the industry is making significant strides after a challenging year. 


All that traffic has to be managed as efficiently and safely as possible. To that end, Spanish airports are paving the way for their European peers with the help of Indra. The organisation worked with ENAIRE to deploy digitised air traffic systems that focus on reducing CO2 emissions by increasing the efficient ATM. 


It's not just high-volume airports that are getting the digital treatment, though. Isolated, low-traffic airports are increasingly reaping the benefits of remote digital towers. It's an ingenious solution to the staffing and resourcing issues these airports often face. 


If you'd like to check out another one of our podcasts, you can use this link. In this podcast, we talk to Avinor's VP of Unmanned Traffic Management, Axel Knutsen, about the latest UTM and drone developments in Norway.



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