Weekly review #115 - 8th September

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Big investment is funneling into the Balearic Islands ATC with eight million euros from ENAIRE going toward digitalising voice and data communications.

It's great to see that big investments are being made at many other airports too.

In Canada, Indra has been awarded a contract for the delivery of ground surveillance systems at five airports. These systems are set to provide air traffic controllers with an optimised overview of the ground traffic.

As we watch how Artificial Intelligence impacts the world of ATM, it's good to hear positive predictions. Margarete Schramböck, Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs in Austrian, says that 'Artificial intelligence improves safety and generates additional economic growth'. The accompanying report goes on to predict that drone traffic will grow by 14 percent a year.

Air traffic in Bosnia and Herzegovina airspace has significantly increased compared to last year. Indeed, one report estimates traffic to be at 80 percent the level it was in pre-pandemic 2019. Improvement like this is what we want to see!

In news from the world of drone technology, ENAIRE has selected Indra for a contract of 1.349 million euros. The solution will provide U-space services for the automated management of drone operations BVLOS. It's worth noting Indra is partnered with Airbus and Unifly under the contract as well.

Finally, we'd like to share another podcast for you to listen to from Radar Contact. This time, we talk with Robert Koster, the founder of AerLabs. Together, we discuss the topic of aircraft and drone noise.

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  • EUROCONTROL Data Snapshot #15 - The 15th EUROCONTROL Data Snapshot is here, looking at the delay caused by checking the COVID-19 documentation of passengers.
  • BHANSA - In September, we expect 84 per cent of air traffic from the pre-pandemic 2019 - Air traffic in the Bosnia and Herzegovina airspace has significantly increased compared to the previous year when most of the flights in Europe i.e. in the world were cancelled due to the COVID pandemic and restrictive measures. The available data shows, that in August, there could be 80 per cent of traffic we had in pre-pandemic 2019, said the director of BHANSA Mr Davorin Primorac.

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