Weekly review #117 - 22nd September

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There’s great news coming out of Lithuania. Last month, Oro Navigacija handled 18.4 thousand flights - that’s an increase of one and a half times the air traffic compared to the same period in 2020. This upturn has already shown a positive impact on financial records.


We’re hearing good things from the UK, too. A cross-industry collaboration are working to reduce aviation’s carbon footprint with the ‘Perfect Flight’. Led by British Airways, it flew between Heathrow and Glasgow last week. The controllers at NATS were responsible for providing the most direct route.


Also in the UK, research is being carried out into the safety measures necessary for the seven proposed spaceports. It’s possible that launches could occur as early as 2022!


Innovative steps are being taken in Germany to facilitate more wind energy. DFS are developing satellite-based approach and departure procedures, meaning most radio beacons can be replaced with wind turbines. The plan is for ten beacons to be decommissioned by 2025!


DFS are in the news elsewhere, having delivered PHOENIX tower systems to two new airports in Azerbaijan. In the city of Fuzuli, the first test passenger flight was successfully completed at the start of the month, with the airport scheduled to be operational by the end of the year.


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ANSP news

  • Crocontrol - Compatibility of AMC Portal System with EnforceAir Drone Detection System − Network Identification Function Implemented - Croatia Control together with D-FEND solutions agreed on the integration of the AMC Portal and EnforceAir systems to create a unique solution acceptable to ANSPs for providing UTM services in the immediate vicinity of airports through the proof of compatibility of the two systems.
  • DFS Aviation Services successfully delivers the PHOENIX tower system to Fuzuli airport for Azerbaijan Air Navigation Services - DFS Aviation Services was chosen to deliver one PHOENIX tower system each to two newly-built airports in Azerbaijan for the end customer AZANS (Azerbaijan Air Navigation Services).
  • BULATSA successfully completes 2015_217_AF4 project - The SESAR deployment project 2015_217_AF4 was successfully completed by BULATSA. The initiative implemented a traffic complexity management system in Sofia ACC, fully satisfying the requirements of PCP – Sub-AF 4.2, related to the implementation of automated support for traffic complexity assessment.
  • UkSATSE starts to provide air navigation services in part of Slovak airspace - The first flight to Uzhhorod International Airport was operated under the arrival, departure and approach procedures for instrument flight. Uzhhorod International Airport is located in a mountainous area so that the threshold of runway 10 is a few hundred metres from the Ukrainian-Slovak border. The use of the airspace of a neighbouring country is a necessary condition for conducting instrument landings at this aerodrome.
  • NATS - Air traffic controllers aid Perfect Flight demonstration - A cross-industry collaboration of aviation partners demonstrated how they are working towards the ‘Perfect Flight’, with a flight between Heathrow and Glasgow on 14 September 2021, showing the efforts being made to reduce aviation’s carbon footprint. Led by British Airways and involving Heathrow and Glasgow airports, Airbus and BP, it was up to NATS to ensure that air traffic controllers optimised the flight profile and provided the most direct routing.
  • DFS - Fewer and fewer radio beacons required to guide aircraft - DFS is currently developing satellite-based approach and departure procedures in German airspace as part of a comprehensive innovation programme. With the new navigation infrastructure in the vicinity of airports, the majority of radio beacons on the ground can be dispensed with, making room for more wind turbines. Current plans will see 10 radio beacons be decommissioned by 2025.

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Reports and data

  • NAV CANADA reports August traffic figures - In August 2021 weighted charging units increased by an average of 66.9 percent compared to the same month in 2020. As compared to the same month in 2019, August 2021 weighted charging units decreased by an average of 42.2 percent.
  • Oro Navigacija: number of flights is increasing, positive financial results recorded - The summer period is definitely a holiday season. This fact has a positive impact on air traffic, which demonstrated the biggest increase in August. Last month, the total number of flights handled by the specialists of state enterprise Oro Navigacija, compared to the same period last year, increased one and a half times and amounted to 18.4 thousand flights.

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