Weekly review #118 - 29th September

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We’re hearing about major advances in the Air Traffic Flow Management of the Dominican Republic. The Instituto Dominicano de Aviacion Civil awarded Metron Aviation the ATFM system contract, thanks to Metron’s Harmony system. Harmony manages demand and minimises delays, as well as maximising both airport space and airspace, all whilst reducing CO2 emissions. So it’s good news for the environment, too.

There’s also great news coming out of Lithuania. Indra and Oro Navigacija have deployed the iTEC air traffic management system at the Vilnius en route control centre. This means controllers will be able to calculate the position of each aircraft throughout its entire route and flight phases, anticipating conflicts to prevent delays. And it allows airlines to choose the most convenient route, so they can reduce costs and emissions.


From Canada, we’re hearing that Adacel have extended their subcontract with Leidos for the FAA’s Advanced Technologies & Oceanic Procedures (ATOP) Program. This comes shortly after the FAA extended its contract with Leidos to support the ATOP Program for a further 12 years. Among its many features, the ATOP system includes fully integrated flight and radar data processing, conflict detection between aircraft, reduced fuel burn and carbon emissions, and more airspace capacity.


Interesting developments are happening in Afghanistan with PASSUR announcing that they have expanded their contract with the International Air Transport Association to launch the new Global ITOP. This will support safe flight operations, and is already playing an important role in responding to fast-moving developments in the country.


More innovations in Europe are expected as EUROCONTROL announce a strategic partnership with Indra and Atos-Cronos. The plan is to digitally transform the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s operational systems for European aviation, with all current EUROCONTROL NM operational systems being replaced with new products that harness big data, AI and cloud computing.


And this week we have a brand new podcast episode for you. Our special guest Marek Bekier, Senior VP at ACR, sat down and talked with us in detail about private ANSPs and new ANSPs. You can listen to the full discussion here.

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  • Metron Aviation awarded contract from Dominican Republic - Metron Aviation has been awarded an air traffic flow management system contract from República Dominicana, Instituto Dominicano de Aviacion Civil. IDAC selected Metron Aviation because its Harmony air traffic flow management system proactively and collaboratively manages demand to minimise delays. In addition, it maximises airport space and airspace throughput, reduces CO2 emissions, and enables aircraft operators to manage their business needs while meeting IDAC’s ATFM requirements.

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  • ADB SAFEGATE announces appointment of COO and EVP Airfield - ADB SAFEGATE announces the appointment of Joe Pokoj to Chief Operating Officer of its global organization, as well as Executive Vice President of its airfield business line. He will also retain his current role as CEO Americas, a position he has held since 2013.

  • Adacel announces extension of ATOP Contract - Adacel announced the extension of its subcontract with Leidos for the FAA’s Advanced Technologies & Oceanic Procedures Program. This follows on the heels of the FAA extending its contract with Leidos to support the ATOP Program for another 12 years.

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