Weekly review #121 - 20th October

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Let's start by looking at news from the Middle East. Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum Internation Airport are set to receive the most advanced digital voice-over IP communication system in the world. That's thanks to a new deal with Indra.

In the UK, Heathrow Airport will continue its strategic partnership with NATS. Their collaboration with the leading air traffic services company is now set to keep going until April 3030.

There's big news for Ukraine as it signs a milestone aviation agreement with the European Union. The air transport agreement signed at the summit in Kyiv lays the foundations for a 'Common Aviation Area' between Ukraine and the EU. Here's the full story if you'd like to learn more.

Finally, we're pleased to see that there are continued positive signs of air traffic growth. In September, ENAIRE managed over 147,000 flights which is only 27% less than in 2019. This is another great sign that air traffic continues to trend in the right direction. Long may it continue!

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  • Aviation: EU and Ukraine sign milestone aviation agreement - The European Union and Ukraine today signed a comprehensive air transport agreement during the Ukraine-EU Summit in Kyiv. This Agreement opens the way for a ‘Common Aviation Area’ between the EU and Ukraine, based on common high standards in important areas such as aviation safety, security and air traffic management.

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  • Vantis and Thales Build Statewide BVLOS Network - Thales was one of three aviation giants providing engineering and integration services being evaluated to enable BVLOS UAS flights on Vantis. A state selection committee made up of members from the North Dakota Department of Commerce and Northern Plains UAS Test Site, which administers Vantis, selected Thales as the long-term systems integrator for Vantis design, operations and maintenance.
  • Munich Airport partners with Urban-Air Port - Munich Airport International GmbH and Urban-Air Port® Ltd, announced that they will collaborate in developing eVTOL ground infrastructure and airport operations that facilitate the vertical take-off and landing of electric air taxis expected to be operational by the middle of the decade. Coupling MAI's world leading airport knowledge and operational experience with UAP's innovative ground infrastructure technology and solutions, the partners will provide a roadmap for efficient and sustainable flight operations.
  • OneSky Completes Phase 1 of Quantum Computing Pilot Program for Urban Air Mobility Optimization - OneSky announced the completion of Phase 1 of the Urban Air Mobility Quantum Computing pilot program, meant to demonstrate how quantum computing can develop an optimized real-time, three-dimensional air traffic control system for when our airspace is inevitably buzzing with thousands of autonomous vehicles.