Weekly review #122 - 27th October

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First up there's news that Indra has been awarded a contract for the delivery of air traffic navigation systems at three major airports in South Korea. The systems will roll out at the airports of Ulsan, Muan and Yeosu. Here's the full story if you'd like to take a look.

In Iceland, it's good to hear that STR has partnered up with Isavia and now completed the installation and commissioning of a GRF compliant cenralized D-ATIS system. Click this link to take a look at the details.

There is a really exciting story developing as some FAB CE States predict they will reach 2019 traffic levels this November. Certain states are seeing a faster-than-forecast recovery that we are really pleased to see!

You can read the EUROCONTROL Think Paper #14 using this link. In this report, EUROCONTROL assesses whether the European Route Charges System is still the right move for the future. The huge impact of the pandemic and pressure on how these services are financed means there is plenty to consider.

Finally, why not check out an episode of the Radar Contact podcast? In this episode, we talk about Just Culture with two guests from Skyguide - Mario Winiger and Melanie Hulliger.

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  • Frequentis Orthogon and Micro Nav enhance air traffic control training and simulation with integrated tool - Frequentis Orthogon and Micro Nav have joined forces to offer the next generation of simulation controller working position to increase the efficiency of air traffic controller training. It offers the highest flexibility in aligning with operational and contingency equipment for en-route and approach simulation.
  • Indra will ensure safe landings at three airports in the Republic of Korea - Indra has been awarded a contract for the delivery of air traffic navigation systems ILS and DME by the Korean Airport Corporation. The systems will ensure landing safety and operational stability at the airports of Ulsan, Muan and Yeosu, and was awarded based on Indra’s solid technical competence within navigational aids.
  • NEST and Ineco, an unbeatable combination - Ineco has held a new webinar, this time dedicated to the NEST software, developed by Eurocontrol to support capacity and traffic flow management in the provision of air navigation services. With NEST, Ineco can evaluate the impact on network performance by simulating configurations, regulations and delays, in combination with other ATM simulation tools.
  • COOPANS transforming business operations - The COOPANS Alliance and its industry partner THALES have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to reinforce their partnership in order to apply for joint SESAR 3 innovation projects and modernize the COOPANS ATC system currently deployed in six European countries, using next-generation global product TopSky - ATCOne.
  • GRF Compliant Centralized StarCaster D-ATIS Solution Deployed in Iceland - STR-SpeechTech Ltd. announced that in partnership with Isavia, STR has completed the delivery, installation and commissioning of a GRF compliant centralized D-ATIS system in Iceland.

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