Weekly review #123 - 3rd November

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There's interesting news from Hungary as Budapest is set to become the first European airport (and largest in the world) to be managed by air traffic controllers remotely. That's all thanks to help from Indra.

Isavia ANS has expanded usage of their space-based ADS-B system by signing an agreement with Aireon LLC. If you weren't already aware, Isavia ANS delivers air navigation across a massive area. They cover 5.4 million square kilometers extending from the North Pole to Scotland and from the prime meridian to the west coast of Greenland! Here's the full story if you would like to learn more.

Unmanned air travel continues to make progress as German researchers announce a successful trial of air taxi flight integration with current airspace designs. Droniq GmbH and DFS Aviation Services partnered with SkyCab partner Monchengladbach Airport and Germandrones to achieve this. Read more about the story here.

Finally, there's further good news as the easing of lockdown in September has meant flight movement increased by 22 percent in Thailand. It's great to hear continued stories of air traffic rebounding! 

ANSP news

  • ANSPs need KPIs - Air Traffic Management spoke with Saulius Batavicus - CEO of Oro Navigacija. Beginning with the topic of green flying, more specifically for ANSPs, the focus was on KPIs. What would be the most impactful ways to measure these goals and how to change ways of acting if they aren’t being met?
  • Isavia ANS Expands Usage of Space-Based ADS-B System - Isavia ANS announced today that it has signed an agreement with Aireon LLC to expand usage it’s space-based ADS-B data. Isavia ANS provides air navigation services across 5.4 million square kilometers of controlled airspace that extends from the North Pole to Scotland and from the prime meridian in Greenwich to west of Greenland.
  • EASA and ENAV signed a memorandum for internetional cooperation - Patrick Ky, Executive Director of EASA and Paolo Simioni, CEO of ENAV signed a Memorandum of Cooperation during the World ATM Congress in Madrid, agreeing to work together on various areas of common interest in international aviation.

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  • Flight Movement September 2021 - The​ easing​ of​ lockdown​ and travelling​ measure in​ September​ encourage​d​ a​ 22​% increase​ in flight​ volume. Airlines reopened domestic​ flights.​ AEROTHAI​ totall​y​ accomodated​ 19,722 flights​ categorized​ into​ 5, 958 international​ flights, 5,087 domestic​ flights, 2,546 overfly​ing​ flights​ and​ 6,131 other​ ​flights​ including​ for​ official​ and​ security​ missions.

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