Weekly review #125 - 17th November

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Posted by Vincent Lambercy

Heathrow marked the reopening of the US to travellers from the UK with a synchronised, parallel runway take-off. Thanks to the collaboration between air traffic control and the airline flight planning teams, this rare spectacle went off without a hitch—a testament to the teamwork of everyone involved. 

In Greece, EUROCONTROL NM has launched the first wave of ECRA, the European Connected Regional Airports programme. The aim of this programme is to foster connectivity, as well as improve airport performance and situational awareness for small and regional airports across Europe. This is great timing as it looks as though Greece will have seven more regional airports by next spring!

More good news for airline traffic, with reports from across the world showing promising figures. African airports have reached 64 percent of pre-pandemic flight activity, while Canada, Germany and Italy are reporting sharp upturns in their numbers, too.

And there's innovation in France with the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile acquiring an Unmanned Traffic Management platform. This will provide a simulated training environment featuring aircraft pilots, drone pilots, air traffic controllers, U-space service providers, and more.

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