Weekly review #126 - 24th November

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First up, there's news from Hungary as HungaroControl plans to upgrade the so-called Remote Tower at Budapest Liszt Ferenc airport. The project will create an integrated system designed to more effectively manage international air traffic at the capital's airport.

In news from Portugal, Adacel has signed a five-year support contract with NAV Portugal. The deal is with approximately $4.5 million and involves onsite Aurorora Air Traffic Management System support and remote support from the Adacels Montreal facility.

There's further European news as CANSO announces that it will join the NATO Aviation Committee. It will support the committee by focusing on the development of issues around interoperability, coordination of airspace access, airworthiness, and more. You can read the full story here.

Looking to news from the world of research and development, it's worth mentioning that Seeing Machines and Collins Airspace are now going to collaborate. They will develop eye-tracking technology solutions and hope to bring improvements to commercial air transport, business, military, and flight training sectors.

Finally, why not check out an episode of the Radar Contact podcast. In this episode, we talk with Jen Lemmon about the importance of gender balance in US air traffic management.

ANSP news

  • First F2F BLUE MED FAB meetings in Rome - Among the many topics on the agendas of the GB and the ANSPC, there were the common challenges and impact of Covid-19 on aviation, the fast development of technologies and services for drones, the signature of the BLUE MED Implementation Programme 2022/2023, the European regulatory developments related to SESII + and RP3 Performance Scheme, the new Chairmanships of the BLUE MED FAB’s governing bodies for 2022.
  • The future of tower control, about mirTWR more undestandably - HungaroControl - Four years ago, on November 14, 2017, the Hungarian Air Traffic Service launched the so-called Remote Tower, which enables distant airport management. Budapest Liszt Ferenc is the first airport in the world to use this innovative solution. The progressive technology will be upgraded by HungaroControl in a new project, which will result in a integrated system that will manage the capital’s international airport traffic even more efficiently. Viktor Zsóka, the leader of the company’s system development team, presented the details.
  • Poland airspace management with the most advanced features - Radar data visualization and related alerts are the new tools in the newest version of Common Airspace Tools 3.0, software for the airspace management system. Poland is the only country so far to use such an advanced technology in this area. CAT 3.0 has just been deployed in Airspace Management Cell of PANSA.

Market news

Context information

  • EUROCONTROL’s Maastricht UAC and DFS air traffic control centres implement airspace changes for more efficient and sustainable operations - As part of their international cooperation agreement signed in 2020, EUROCONTROL’s MUAC and DFS DFS have introduced the first package of their large-spectrum airspace optimisation plan – the Cooperative Optimisation of Boundaries, Routes and Airspace (COBRA).
  • Airways clears safe path through NZ skies for Rocket Lab - As Rocket Lab’s Electron rockets take off into space, New Zealand’s air traffic controllers are ensuring a safe passage through controlled airspace above Mahia Peninsula.
  • CANSO joins the NATO Aviation Committee - Its focus is on enhancing the overall effort and coherence of policy and capability development for key issues affecting aviation, such as interoperability, coordination of airspace access, airworthiness, integration of UAS, evaluation of cyber defence and assessment of civil aviation projects which could affect the Alliance’s missions and capabilities, including modernisation initiatives like the Single European Sky in Europe and the Next Generation Air Transportation System in the United States.

Reports and data

  • ENAV’s Board of Directors approves the first nine months 2021 results - En-route and terminal traffic grew by 24.1% and 14.5% respectively, in terms of service units1 vs. the first nine months of 2020.
  • Welcome to the green shoots of autumn - NATS Blog - And while the traffic volumes may have followed that annual trend, I’m really encouraged to see that traffic percentages are creeping up … slowly but surely. October was our busiest month since before the pandemic, with traffic through the month almost double what it was a year ago. By the end of October we were consistently running above 60% of 2019 levels.

Research and innovation

  • Seeing Machines and Collins deliver eye-tracking solutions - Seeing Machines announces a collaboration agreement Collins Aerospace. The Agreement positions Seeing Machines to work closely with Collins to jointly market co-developed solutions across the Aviation industry to deliver its eye-tracking technology solutions to Commercial Air Transport, Business, Military, Rotary Wing, General Aviation and Flight Training customers to address improved safety and efficiencies for both pilot training and flight operations.
  • EUROCONTROL proud to be part of the team making Airbus’ fello’fly flights happen - Last week the EUROCONTROL Network Manager and operational partners DSNA, NATS, NAV CANADA and the IAA supported Airbus in performing the first long-haul fello’fly demonstration of a formation flight conducted in air traffic regulated airspace.