Weekly review #128 - 8th December

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There's big news from the UK as NATS implements the biggest airspace change ever in the UK. They have removed air routes over Scotland that are long-established. As a result, they have freed air-traffic to choose a more direct flight path. Check out the full story here.

In France, there is also change afoot. On December 2nd, DSNA implemented a Free Route Airspace in just under 50 percent of its airspace above 6km in all areas managed by Bordeaux, Brest and Paris ACCs. Find out more with this link.

Recently, a key step occurred for the implementation of EGNOS-based approach procedures in Norway. This comes as ESSP and Notodden Lufthavn AS sign a working agreement. It's an interesting development for Notodden airport.

There's less positive news from Germany as air traffic volumes in November declined for the first time since March 2021. In total, 174,673 flights too off, landed or crossed German airspace. Hopefully, it's just a small, seasonal blip. Here is the article for more details.

To round things up, here's another Radar Contact podcast for you. In this episode, we talk with Marcos Costa about cooperation between ANSPs from Portugal's perspective.

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  • New agreement with Aireon - Isavia - Isavia ANS has signed an agreement with US company Aireon to expand it´s space-based ADS-B coverage. ANS will add to Aireon´s coverage above 70°North Latitude, ANS has been receiving south of 70°North since December 2020.
  • ANSL Partners with Regional And Business Airports (RABA) Group - ANSL has become the Air Traffic Management partner of RABA, and will bring new speakers to the Group, present air traffic insights at its member meetings and work closely with RABA to support the represented airports with its bespoke solutions, tailored to the UK regional airport market.

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