Weekly review #131 - 5th January

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Posted by Vincent Lambercy

ENAIRE directors have now approved their environmental sustainability strategy - it's a key part of the wider 2025 Strategic Plan. Indeed, ENAIRE plans to contribute much more to sustainable aviation and air transport.

In news from South America, Indra has moved forward with its plan to put the region at the forefront of air traffic management. Now, they're digitalizing the air surveillance network in Peru. This is pivotal for ensuring smooth management of flights in the region.

Unfortunately, there is some negative news on air traffic growth. In southeast Asia, AEROTHAI reports a 17 percent decrease in air traffic over the Christmas period compared with the same time last year.

Finally, we would like to share a closer look at DroneUps takeover of AirMap. The business model will offer countries, municipalities, US States, and other drone eco-system developers a tool that will empower them to connect to drone operators - crucially, this will be free of charge to system operators and air space users. Find out more in this article.

ANSP news

Market news

  • A New voice Switch at Newcastle Airport in the New Year - Copperchase announced that they have been awarded the contract for the Supply and installation of the replacement Voice Switch at Newcastle Airport. The New voice Switch will be the MEP TCS990 system.
  • Edda Systems, Norway, awarded contract with Avinor ANS - Avinor ANS signed a contract with Edda Systems AS on delivery of an ATC Tower Simulator for Remote Towers. The delivery will take place in the first half of 2022. The eCoach Simulator will accurately emulate the operational Remote Towers solution currently in use in Bodø, Norway, for 15 airports in the first delivery.
  • SITTI radio gateways to Maldives - The air traffic over the Maldives archipelago is already managed through a SITTI system that was installed some years ago. The connectivity from VCS to the radio sites have been recently converted from analogue to MPLS, hence there is a need to connect the radio devices to the existing MULTIFONO® system via a WAN.
  • Indra promotes flight efficiency in Latin America with the digitalization of Peru’s radar network - Indra has taken a new step forward to place the region at the forefront of air traffic management by digitalizing Peru's air surveillance network, key to ensuring the seamless management of flights throughout the continent.

Reports and data

Research and innovation


  • RPAS Projects Collaboration panel presents five RPAS projects in joint video during SESAR Innovation Days - The RPAS Projects Collaboration Panel was formed in January 2021 to coordinate research activities, generate synergies, exchange and discuss results, with the broader scope of building a common concept that supports rule makers, standardization bodies, and the industry in decision making and the generation of harmonized standards.
  • How much will DroneUp’s business model disrupt the global UTM sector? - DroneUp’s takeover of AirMap will have major consequences for the global UAS traffic management industry. The company’s business model – offering to provide countries, municipalities, US states and other drone eco-system developers with an airspace monitoring tool which will also allow them to connect to drone operators, at no charge to either system operator or airspace user – looks compelling.