Weekly review #133 - 19th January

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In our first story, there's exciting news as Kuwait announces plans to build a new airport in the northern area. Currently, the Municipal Committee Council of the Jahra Governorate is working with the DGCA to find the best site so they can begin construction.

In news from the Pacific, Papua New Guinea is achieving excellent operational efficiencies for its airspace thanks to its use of Airen space-based ADS-B data services. You can read the full story here.

Thankfully, there is more positive news around air traffic growth with UkSATSE reporting they saw a 62.3 percent increase on flights in 2021 compared with 2020. We always love to see positive growth figures like these!

There's an exciting collaboration occurring in the world of unmanned flight with SmartSky, GE Aviation and Mosaic ATM teaming up. They will work together to enhance flight management systems and air traffic management for advanced air mobility. Click this link to check out the details.

To bring things to a conclusion, we'd like to share another Radar Contact episode. In this episode, we talk with Steven Moor about the latest trends in the ATM industry. It's the first episode of season 2 (there are 18 episodes in the first season ready for you to check out). And make sure to stay tuned, as we've got many interesting guests lined up for the coming months!

ANSP news

Airports news

  • Kuwait announces plans to build new airport in northern area - British Aviation Group - Kuwaiti authorities have given the go-ahead for the construction of a new airport in the northern part of the country. This comes following media reports last week stating that the Municipal Committee Council of the Jahra Governorate is coordinating with the DGCA on allocation of a site for the construction of the new airport.
  • FAA implements more efficient descent procedures to reduce fuel burn, emissions - Descent procedures that the U.S. Department of Transportation’s FAA put in place across the country in the 2021 will save millions of gallons of fuel and reduce CO2 and other emissions by hundreds of thousands of tons. The 42 new Optimised Profile Descents allow planes to glide down safely from cruising altitudes into airspace for some of the nation’s largest airports instead of the fuel-consuming stair-step procedure.

Market news

  • ANSL to provide simulator training to ATCOs - ANSL will provide a full-capability Air Traffic Control Simulator on a temporary basis, as well as an instructor to join the Airport team on secondment to lead delivery of the training. Additionally, ANSL will provide Marshall Aerospace with a Manager Air Traffic Services on an interim basis, along with wider compliance services in support of the ATM operation.
  • Papua New Guinea Using Aireon Data for Reduced Separation - Utilizing Aireon space-based ADS-B data services, Papua New Guinea’s National Air Navigation Services Provider NiuSky Pacific Limited is achieving unparalleled operational efficiencies for its airspace through reduced surveillance-based separation standards.
  • Thales and Aeronav to support a new era of safer, more efficient airspace management in Haiti - Thales and Aeronav will provide new CNS/ATM systems to the civil aviation authority of Haiti to update and optimise the country's air traffic management capabilities. The project further strengthens Thales's extensive presence in the Caribbean region and will enable Haiti to improve air transport safety and coordinate air operations more efficiently with its neighbours.
  • Osprey CSL appointed as Instrument Flight Procedure Designers for the Irish Air Corps - Osprey announced that it has been chosen by the Irish Air Corps to provide Instrument Flight Procedure Design and Safeguarding services to ensure that all Instrument Flight Procedures at Irish Defence Forces facilities are designed and maintained in accordance with international standards and best practice.

Context information

Reports and data

Research and innovation

  • Virtualisation: A reality making its way to ATM in one form or another - As part of its examination of a series of emerging technologies the CANSO Strategic Technology Workgroup recently released a whitepaper on virtualization in ATM. The paper explores examples of existing deployment of the technology as well as future concepts i.e., what could be achieved by implementing virtualisation to a maximum extent.