Weekly review #135 - 2nd February

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Looking back in 2021, there is some good news from Switzerland as they report an increase of 29.7 percent in airtraffic activity over 2020. It's good to see numbers moving in the right direction!


However, unfortunately, S&P Global Ratings say the recovery of European airports looks 'volatile' going into 2022. Latest estimates suggest European air traffic will reach 45 to 65 percent of 2019 levels in 2022.


Four companies are set to begin prototyping Australia's first Flight Information Management System. The service will support safe integration of new airspace users, including air taxis and drone operators. Find out more by exploring the full article here.


In further big news from Australia, Airservices and Skykraft are set to trial space-based surveillance and communications capability. Airservices will provide technical engineering and ATM expertise, supporting Skykraft as they strive to launch trials of a satellite constellation as soon as June 2022!


Finally, we're excited to share another Radar Contact podcast. In this episode, we talk with Marcel Bakker about the latest ATM projects in the Netherlands. Here's the link so you can give it a listen.


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  • CORUS-XUAM eVTOL to fly between Swedish cities in 3Q22 to demonstrate U-space services - Unmanned airspace - The European CORUS-XUAM research project has announced a demonstration in Sweden due to take place in October 2022. Consortium members plan to conduct an autonomous intercity flight of 52 km between Linköping and Norrköping as part of wider large-scale live demonstrations.
  • LFV commissioned to establish systems and services for unmanned aviation - Within the framework of its operational area, LFV is to establish systems and services for UTM, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management in a socio-economically efficient manner and in accordance with regulations for U-space where applicable. The purpose is to ensure airspace capacity for the structured, secure development of drone traffic in lower airspace.
  • An A-C in integrating remotely-piloted aircraft systems - SESAR JU - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a remotely piloted aircraft system or RPAS! Ermanno Girardelli, Leonardo, is coordinator of ERICA, a SESAR research and innovation project dedicated to integrating these aircraft into non-segregated airspace alongside commercial manned traffic. In this Q&A, he explains how RPAS can make a difference to citizens’ lives and what the SESAR project is doing to enable these aircraft to take off.