Weekly review #136 - 9th February

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Posted by Vincent Lambercy

First up, there's news of incoming changes to UK airspace. Following the new Free Route Airspace in Scotland, NATS is now collaborating with London Luton Airport to create new arrival routes. These routes are set to come into play very soon and should be live later this month.

There's exciting progress in Melbourne, Australia, as plans to build a third runway are now in formal public exhibition. The proposed new runway will e
nhance airport capacity by allowing for simultaneous arrivals and departures.


It's always great to see companies working to boost sustainability and efficiency in air travel. Recently, DSNA, ENAIRE, ENAV and Skyguide cooperated with EUROCONTROL in trials for dynamic flight planning restrictions. The goal is to reduce restrictions for flight planning to create more direct and sustainable flights. Sounds good to us!


Finally, in news from the world of drone aviation, Bell Trexton reported a successful demonstration of ground-based detect and avoid technology. Interestingly, the demonstration was part of a wider project with NASA called the NASA Systems Integration and Operationalisation Project.

ANSP news

Airports news

  • Melbourne Airport’s proposed third runway on public exhibition - Melbourne Airport’s plan to build a third runway will go on formal public exhibition tomorrow, with the community invited to provide feedback through until mid-May. The new 3000-metre runway will run parallel to the existing north-south runway and will increase the airport’s capacity by allowing for simultaneous arrivals and departures.

Market news

  • Indra ensures ground safety at South Korea’s two largest airports - Indra has strengthened its position in the Republic of Korea’s air traffic management environment through implementing a ground surveillance system at Jeju International Airport, the destination of the world’s busiest airline route. Air traffic controllers of the Korean Airport Corporation will benefit from a precise overview and control of the ground traffic, enhanced by advanced safety alerts to further improve their situational awareness.

Reports and data

Research and innovation

  • Trials for dynamic flight planning restrictions aim to make flights more direct, and more sustainable - EUROCONTROL - The EUROCONTROL Network Manager in close cooperation with air navigation service providers DSNA, ENAIRE, ENAV and Skyguide and supported by airspace users, has finished a first set of trials to dynamically reduce restrictions for flight planning to ensure more direct, more sustainable flights.
  • North Atlantic tracks at Flight Level 330 and below to be abolished - NATS Blog - I think it’s safe to say the last three years has been the most transformational in the history of North Atlantic air traffic operations. That’s been down to two things. The introduction of Aireon’s near real-time satellite-based surveillance in 2019 has been a total game changer. We’ve gone from a largely procedural environment where we would plot aircraft positions every 14 minutes to one where our controllers see an update every 7-8 seconds. Secondly, and less positively, has been the impact of Covid on international air traffic.