Weekly review #137 - 16th February

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Let's first look at news from Australia where Airservices will soon begin trials to reduce aircraft noise. Indeed, from February 24th, Airservices will test different procedures to try to reduce aircraft noise in communities under Brisbane Airport flight paths. Here is the full story if you'd like to learn more.


In news from Eastern Europe, the newly built Brasoz-Ghimbac International Airport in Romania recently signed an order with Saab Digitial Air Traffic Solutions for a new digital tower. The tower will be operated by ROMATSA, the air navigation service provider of Romania.


There are some positive figures from Norway with Avinor releasing commercial air traffic figures for January 2022. (All the following figures are compared with January 2021). At Oslo Airport, traffic rose 72.8 percent, at Bergen Airport numbers rose 36.1 percent, at Stavanger Airport traffic increased 27 percent, and at Trondheim Airport, there was a 47.3 percent increase. These are good trends that will hopefully continue.


It's interesting to see Inmarsat expanding its operations further. Having acquired Altitude Angel, they have now made another significant move by purchasing Harvest Technology Group. As a specialist in ultra-low bandwidth live streaming technology, they will add further capability to Inmarsat.


Finally, why not check out another episode of Radar Contact? In this episode, we talk with Sharon Cooke, the CEO of Airways International, about ATM business both inside and outside of New Zealand.


ANSP news

Airports news

  • Airservices to begin trials to minimise aircraft noise for Brisbane community - Airservices will begin trialling new measures to minimise aircraft noise in communities under Brisbane Airport flight paths from February 24. The proposed trials will test different procedures when operationally safe to determine if they have any impact on reducing aircraft noise in affected communities.

Market news

  • Saab Receives Order for a Digital Tower in Romania - Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions has signed a contract to deliver a digital tower to providing air navigation services at the newly built Brasov-Ghimbav International Airport in Romania. The services will be operated by ROMATSA, the air navigation service provider of Romania.
  • Aireon, Cirium Forge Data Sharing Partnership - Under the terms of the agreement, Cirium will gain access to Aireon’s real-time data service product, AireonSTREAM. AireonSTREAM is the world’s first and only global source of ATS grade surveillance data, which will enable Cirium to utilize the most precise and accurate global data available.
  • SITTI VCSs and erad to Malaysia - In the frame of a commercial cooperation with LEONARDO, SITTI is going to provide Malaysia with new VCSs and Emergency Radio Access Devices. More specifically, the new installations are relevant to the Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Control Centre, the local Disaster Recovery facility and the control tower at Subang.

Reports and data

  • Statistics Keflavik Airport 2022 - Isavia - Keflavik Airport observed the following number of flights in January 2022: Departures - 82.864; Arrivals - 75.798
  • Traffic figures from Avinor for January 2022 - Traffic figures for the four largest Avinor airports in January are as follows (figures compared with 2021)*: Oslo Airport, Gardermoen - Commercial air transport movements: 72.8 % - a total of 11,070; Bergen Airport - Commercial air transport movements: 36.1 % - a total of 6,034; Stavanger Airport - Commercial air transport movements: 27 % - a total of 3,507; Trondheim Airport - Commercial air transport movements: 47.3% - 3,247.
  • Fraport Traffic Figures 01-2022 - Aircraft movements grew strongly by 86.7 percent year-on-year to 24,639 takeoffs and landings.