Weekly review #139 - 2nd March

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Let's first look at news from South East Asia. The two main airports in Cambodia: New Phnom Penh Airport and New Siem Reap Internation Airport will get important upgrades consisting of two new Voice Communication Switches.


In news from the Middle East, Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan has released some strong figures for aircraft movements. During last month, they recorded 4,630 aircraft movements, which is a 127.2 percent increase against 2021, and a 23.6 percent decrease on 2019.


Here's an interesting idea for you: what if one control centre could manage multiple airports? Well, DLR and Frequentis are demonstrating in trials that this is indeed possible. They've shown that a pool of air traffic controllers can flexibly serve many connected airports. To make things easier, they rely on novel planning tool assists to help with allocation and balances workload.


In our last piece of news, the CORUS-XUAM project has shown a successful demonstration of unmanned space services in a series of test flights. They have been using the Pointoise Airport Unmanned Aerial Mobility sandbox in France. Here is the full story if you'd like to learn more.

There is also another episode of Radar Contact ready for you to listen to. In this episode, we talk with Neil Bowles about remote and digital towers.

Market news

Context information

  • Celebrating 20 years of Reduced Vertical Separation - EUROCONTROL - The introduction of Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum, the programme that transformed airspace usage above FL290, was one of the biggest and far-reaching changes ever made in European airspace.
  • Storm Eunice: Go-arounds and air traffic control - NATS Blog - It’s no surprise to anyone these days that when a storm hits, travel disruption usually follows. Many people now understand why thunder and lightning can be problematic for air travel, but why did the wind of Storm Eunice last Friday cause such an impact and how do we deal with situations where aircraft are unable to land at their destination airport?

Reports and data

  • Queen Alia International Airport (Jordan) - traffic numbers - According to statistics released by Airport International Group, Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) recorded 4,630 aircraft movements during the month, marking a 127.2% increase and 23.6% decrease against 2021 and 2019 figures, respectively.
  • FABEC traffic growth was slow and volatile in 2021 - FABEC traffic began its recovery in 2021 following COVID, reaching 3.2 million flights compared with 2.7 million in 2020 – the lowest level for 25 years. However rising demand was slow and accompanied by extreme volatility, bringing new challenges for air navigation service providers working towards Europe’s green agenda.

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