Weekly review #140 - 9th March

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Posted by Vincent Lambercy

Welcome to another weekly review from FoxATM!

First up, there is news that a joint initiative from FAB CE / FABEC will expand cross-border free route airspace in Europe. Specifically, the functional airspace blocks Central Europe and Europe Central will expand free route airspace for climate-friendly air traffic. The goal is to optimise critical southeast and northwest routes.


There is interesting technological development in South Korea with Indra installing Asia's first 3D civil aviation radar. 3D radars bring many benefits, such as improved reliability and accuracy. As a result, they can handle a higher volume of flights. Here is the full story if you'd like to learn more.


For those interested in what the future of air traffic might look like, there is a new report from Cranfield University and Inmarast. The research explores 21 fascinating concepts. These include conscious aircraft, trajectory-based operations and digital trust technology. Conscious aircraft sound a little like science-fiction to us, but who knows what the future holds! Here is how Cranfield University describes them.


Finally, there is news from Australia with Department 13 unveiling its first remote operations centre. The centre will support the increasing demand for Beyond Visual Line of Sight drone operations. If you are interested in the ongoing adoption of drone technology, you can learn more about the story here.