Weekly review #141 - 16th March

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Thanks for joining us for another news roundup!

In our first story, London Gatwick Airport is set to deploy an innovative new digital ‘AirTurn’ platform. The technology will level up air traffic controllers’ efficiency and help reduce delays. 

Thankfully, there are continued signs of recovery in the air traffic sector. As an example, Frankfurt Airport recorded 100.8 percent year-on-year improvement in February. They totaled 22,328 takeoffs and landings.

There are also positive numbers coming in from Norway. Compared with February 2021, Oslo achieved a 112.1 percent increase, and Trondenheim Airport saw a 53.9 percent increase. For Bergen airport, there was a 31.8 percent increase and for Stavanger airport there was a 23.1 percent increase. It's heartening to see the recovery continuing.

We also have a story from the world of research and development. SkyGrid will partner with SparkCognition and LIFT Aircraft to supply AI and blockchain technology to manage the airspace for autonomous vehicles. They will focus specifically on HEXA which is LIFT's electric VTOL aircraft.

Finally, you can check out another episode of Radar Contact. Here, we talk with Janusz Janiszewski the CEO of PANSA, the Polish ANSP. He shares his take on the future of ATM and UTM as well as his experience leading during the COVID crisis.

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  • Traffic growth in February - The Avinor Group - Traffic figures for the four largest airports in February break down as follows (compared with 2021): Oslo Airport: Commercial air transport movements: 112.1% - a total of 11,013; Bergen Airport: Commercial ATMs: 31.8% - a total of 6,101; Stavanger Airport: Commercial ATMs: 23.1% - a total of 3,700; Trondheim Airport: Commercial ATMs: 53.9% - a total of 3,329.
  • ENAIRE recovered 78.8% of flights in February compared to the record levels of 2019 - ENAIRE recovered 78.8% of flights in February compared to 2019 levels, which is 7.1 points higher that the percentage recovered in January 2022 (71.7%).
  • Traffic Figures February 2022 - Fraport - Frankfurt Airport aircraft movements grew strongly by 100.8 percent year-on-year to 22,328 takeoffs and landings.
  • EUROCONTROL Comprehensive Aviation Assessment - From pandemic onset to today, EUROCONTROL’s Comprehensive Aviation Assessment has been providing an accurate snapshot of the latest network picture.
  • NAV CANADA reports February traffic figures - NAV CANADA announced today its traffic figures for the month of February 2022, as measured in weighted charging units for enroute, terminal and oceanic air navigation services, in comparison to the last fiscal year and to its 2019 fiscal year.

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