Weekly review #142 - 23rd March

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In our first news story, Indra will supply an innovative landing system to Dubai aiport. The system has a special ultrawide antenna system, Normarc Ultrawide Localizer. This means the airport will be able to reduce the separation between taxiing aircraft, which in turn will boost capacity. The system is also used at Heathrow and Zurich.

There is further good news with airports continuing to increase flights year on year. At Kuwait airport, there were 48257 flights in 2021, which compares with 46062 flights in 2020. Hopefully, we will see positive growth in 2022 as well.

Aircraft noise reduction remains an ongoing subject for research and development. Recently, SESAR 3 JU members and partners of the DREAMS large-scale demonstration project performed trials using satellites to achieve precision landing. These tests were conducted at Twente Airport in Holland. With more precise landing, airports will reduce taxi time as well as aircraft noise as planes land.

Finally, in news from the world of unmanned aircraft, GUTMA has published the Position Paper that covers the EUs drone strategy 2.0. The paper is the culmination of conversations between members of the Policy Task Force which GUTMA created in 2021.

Market news

  • Indra upgrades the navigational aids at Dubai airport - Indra will supply a landing system with a unique ultrawide antenna system, Normarc Ultrawide Localizer, that allows the airport to improve capacity by safely reducing the separation between taxiing aircraft. A similar system was installed in 2017 at the southern runway and is used at other pioneering international airports such as Heathrow and Zürich.
  • Flight Procedure Design for International Airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina - CGX AERO is proud to announce that the BHANSA has selected our consortium, partnered with TE2C and ECOPLAN, for the procurement of flight procedure design services, both conventional and satellite-based, for the international airports of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Systems Interface Install ATC Comms and Met at Berbera International Airport, Somaliland - Systems Interface Ltd has successfully completed the ‘Turnkey’ contract awarded to them by Berbera International Airport Company for the Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a new VHF Communications system and Solar Powered Automatic Weather Observation System to enhance the safety and efficiency of air traffic operations at Berbera International Airport, Somaliland.
  • Procurement and installation of satcom atc at kuala lumpur ATC, sepang - Translated: Suppliers are invited from companies registered with the ministry of finance malaysia in the relevant field codes and relevant criteria as follows: description of offer: procurement and installation of satellite communication system air traffic control (satcom atc) at kuala air traffic control center lumpur, sepang.

Context information

  • Studying, using and improving operational performance - CANSO - Improving Air Traffic Management performance is on a lot of Air Navigation Service Providers’ minds these days. As global air traffic heads back to its previous levels, it is important that air traffic services are delivered in a way that minimises delays to its customers and also reduces the impact of aviation on the environment.

Reports and data

Research and innovation


Calls for tenders

  • AWOS semi-automatic weather observation system at 16 airports - Romatsa - The Contracting Authority acquires the AWOS System to replace the existing semi-automated systems at airports (ROMAWOS) due to physical and moral wear and tear as well as due to the limited support from the software application provider for future developments; the purchase will be made from a specialized economic operator selected in accordance with the law.
  • EUROCONTROL Air Transport Operational Innovation Expert Committee - EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub is setting up an Air Transport Operational Innovation Expert Committee to get expertise to ensure this close and permanent connection with the operational field. The committee will be formed of operational experts of the following operational stakeholders, namely: Airspace Users (three experts), Airport Operators (two experts), ANSPs (two experts), Military (one expert). The purpose of this Call for Tenders is to get five (5) individual experts coming from the Airspace Users and Airport Operators domains (only two out of the four listed above)