Weekly review #148 - 4th May

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In exciting research news, Thales, a global technology leader, is advancing air traffic surveillance and safety in Chile with a revolutionary new radar station 100% powered by sustainable solar energy. Located in Calama, in the Atacama Desert, the radar system is the very first of its kind and utilises 330 solar panels to create energy.


Next up this week, CANSO's Global Benchmarking has been collecting data from ANSPs for years to measure performance. Recently, they've looked at the 2020 data to examine how providers were affected by the pandemic, how key performance metrics evolved and what that means for resiliency and ANSP's ability to mitigate the effect of similar challenges in the future.


Thirdly, ENAIRE is set to implement a free route concept in Spain. Free route is an operational concept in which aircraft operators can formulate flight plans that contain user-defined segments that are planned as direct segments between points in a certain volume of airspace even if said points are not connected by an airway.


Finally, in UAV and UTM news, the Dutch High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCE) in the Netherlands started the first demonstrations of autonomous drone services in March 2022. HTCE is one of the consortium partners of the EU-funded FF2020 project that is developing a state-of-the-art geospatial UAM ecosystem by incorporating UAM within the geospatial data infrastructure of cities.


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  • Kansai, Itami, Kobe March 2022 - Traffic Report - International cargo traffic remained strong, with aircraft movements and cargo volumes continuously exceeding the 2021 levels. Total aircraft movements at the three airports were 207,381 (+28% vs 2020, -43% vs 2019), of which domestic aircraft movements were 171,382 (+31% vs 2020, -22% vs 2019).

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