Weekly review #170 - 12th October

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This week, there's big news for Gatwick Airport. They've reappointed NATS as their air traffic service provider. The transition from the previous provider occurred overnight on 8-9 October, with all the existing controllers and engineers transferring across to NATS. It means the air traffic service at all five major London airports is being delivered by NATS for the first time since 2016.


Next up, Airways New Zealand has been recognised as a world leader in aviation safety reporting and improvement. An innovative safety performance indicator (SPI) programme developed by the air navigation service provider (ANSP) has been recognised by the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) as global best practice for aviation safety management systems (SMS).


In other news, India has plans for 80 new airports over the next five years. The new airfields are expected to fuel the country's growing aviation sector. India's aviation regulator has stated that the country could add nearly 80 new airports in the next four to five years. India's annual aviation sector growth rate currently sits at around 9% but is likely to reach double digits in the coming years.


Finally, Neurobotx has announced a paid partnership with leading aerospace company Urban Aeronautics, through their Neurobotx EVTOL Partnership Program.

Neurobotx is a Boeing-backed company led by neuroscientist Dr. Diana Deca, aimed at building the cognitive metaverse for air taxi and EVTOL companies. 


If you're looking for more Radar Contact, you can find the latest episode here. This time, we spoke to Lyne Moreau, the VP and Chief Strategy Officer of NAV CANADA about the 'new' strategic direction, how NAV CANADA is regulated, and more.


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  • SITTI technical assistance to Aeronautica Militare - The technical, system, functional maintenance contract between the Italian military air force and SITTI has been renewed. The renewal will be covering the next three years, thus guaranteeing the customer a complete assistance service covering a long observation time, with operative continuity with the current ongoing similar service.
  • Urban Aeronautics and Neurobotx partner for training in the metaverse - Neurobotx is a Boeing-backed company led by neuroscientist Dr. Diana Deca, aimed at building the cognitive metaverse for air taxi and EVTOL companies. The company collaborates with different aviation companies to combine state-of-the-art simulation, haptics, digital marketing, PR, business development, synthetic data and deep learning to help expedite and optimize go-to-market and investment opportunities for their EVTOL clients.
  • Gatwick Airport reappoints NATS as air traffic service provider - After a break of six years, NATS is back as the air traffic service provider at Gatwick Airport.

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