Weekly review #182 - 11th January

Weekly review

First up this week, Indra, a leading global technological engineering company for the aerospace, defence and mobility sectors, has been awarded a major contract for the supply and installation of air navigation systems in Africa for 15 million euros. The company will deliver its Normarc instrument landing system (ILS) and distance measuring equipment (DME) to 17 airports in 12 countries, all operated by ASECNA.


Next, the charges that airlines pay to skeyes for its air navigation services will soon be modulated according to aircraft noise, emissions and distance flown. The financing of terminal services in 2023 at airports is also clarified. This is good news for the environment and the financial soundness of skeyes. Johan Decuyper, CEO of skeyes said “These amendments to the management contract allow skeyes to pursue its policy of technological investments aimed at continuously improving air traffic safety, while responding to one of the main challenges facing our sector: the commitment to sustainable aviation.’’


In other news, on January 1st, DFS Aviation Services (DAS) took over the tower services in Braunschweig, replacing the previous provider, Austro Control. This marks the successful completion of the first step in the project “Commissioning and Operation of a Remote Tower Control Centre (RTC Centre Lower Saxony) at the Braunschweig site”. As the new air navigation service provider at Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport, DAS will provide air traffic services from the tower, i.e. aerodrome control service, flight information service and flight alarm service, including the arrangements for operating the technical and air traffic control facilities for the provision of air traffic services (ATS technical service).


Finally, where will innovation take the ATM industry in 2023? EUROCONTROL’s Innovation Hub looks back on what was delivered in 2022 and what is planned for the coming year. In 2023 a new wave of projects will be launched to meet real operational stakeholder challenges, as well as ongoing work on innovation projects from previous years as the EIH team and stakeholders perform live, shadow-mode and operational trials of prototypes created in previous cycles.


ANSP news

  • Amendments to skeyes management contract - Airlines pay charges to skeyes for its air navigation services – take-offs and landings – at Brussels Airport. As of 1 April 2023, a new, greener charging system will be implemented. Charges will be modulated according to aircraft noise and emissions (air quality - NOx - and CO2) and distance flown. The amount of the new charges may vary on average from -25% to +40%.
  • Hot Spot Standardized Symbology - Federal Aviation Administration - The FAA is standardizing hot spot symbology and verbiage. Hot spots are generally a complex or confusing taxiway or taxiway and runway intersection. Hot spots have a history or potential risk of collision or runway incursion, and require heightened attention by pilots and drivers. Currently, there is no standard shape to designate a hot spot on airport diagrams within chart supplements and the Terminal Procedures Publication; they are charted with a variety of squares, rectangles, circles, ovals, and ellipses with no pattern or consistency. Beginning May 19, 2022, the FAA will standardize these symbols to three shapes with two distinct meanings: a circle or ellipse for ground movement hot spots and a cylinder for wrong surface hot spots.
  • Avinor’s digital Remote Tower Centre is one step closer to multiple towers operations - News - British Aviation Group - The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) recently approved Advanced sequential operations at the world’s largest digital Remote Towers Centre operated by Avinor in Bodø, Norway. This is an important step towards multiple towers operations in 2024.
  • DFS Aviation Services takes over air traffic control services at Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport as a certified air navigation service provider - Since 01.01.2023, air traffic control services at Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport have been provided by the certified air navigation service provider DFS Aviation Services GmbH. This marks the successful completion of the first step in the project "Commissioning and Operation of a Remote Tower Control Centre at the Braunschweig site".

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