Weekly review #185 - 1st February

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First up this week, Brussels Airport becomes the majority shareholder of Jetpack. The young Belgian company specialises in data analysis and artificial intelligence, and will help Brussels Airport optimise their processes further with real-time analysis of their large amount of data.

Next, Indra concludes its modernisation of Brazilian Air Force Air Traffic Radars. The two IRS 20-MP/S secondary transportable radars will help control movements in the country's airspace. They also have the capacity to replace air surveillance radars in the event of long interruptions, while keeping the availability of the surveillance service for general air traffic high.


In other news, IATA welcomes the restoration of ‘Class A’ ATC services over Somalia. It comes after a 30-year disruption, and will significantly improve safety in the region and enhance efficiency. This is thanks to a collaboration between the Somali CAA, IATA, the International Civil Aviation Organization, as well as adjacent FIRs and airlines.


And, last but not least, we have a new episode of Radar Contact for you. In this podcast, Jérémie Bayle, head of the StarSim Project at DSNA, will discuss 

Simulator Training for Air Traffic Controllers.



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  • Indra concludes modernisation of Brazilian Air Force Air Traffic Radars - Indra has successfully concluded the modernization project for two IRS 20-MP/S secondary transportable radars for the Brazilian Air Force, also supplied by the company, which help control movements in the country's airspace and have the capacity to replace air surveillance radars in the event of long interruptions in their operation and keep the overall availability of the surveillance service for General Air Traffic high.

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  • NAV CANADA reports December traffic figures​ - In December 2022 weighted charging units were higher on average by 13.2 percent compared to the same month in 2021. As compared to the same month in fiscal 2019, December 2022 weighted charging units were lower on average by 9.5 percent.

  • Air traffic figures show steady recovery in 2022 - NATS - In 2022, NATS managed 2,136,904 flights in UK airspace, 83% of 2019 figures. The busiest day was in the summer, 8 July 2022 with 7,506 flights, compared to the record-breaking 8,863 in July 2019. The busiest month for the year was also July 2022, with 219,825 flights handled by controllers at NATS’ Swanwick Centre, Hampshire and Prestwick Centre, Ayrshire.

  • EUROCONTROL aviation network update - A second week-on-week dip in air traffic saw -1.3% fewer movements in Week 3 of 2023, with 21,444 average daily flights in the European aviation network for the 7-day period (Monday 16-Sunday 22 January).

  • EUROCONTROL European Aviation Overview - EUROCONTROL’s European Aviation Overview – previously known as the Comprehensive Aviation Assessment – provides a detailed snapshot of the latest Network position. It uses the latest traffic data to show how States, airports and airlines are performing, with further analysis on market segments, aircraft manufacturers, fuel prices, aviation sustainability and delays.

Research and innovation

  • Are these common biases hindering your learning process in ATC training? - Biases are tendencies and prejudices that affect the way we think and behave. As our Christmas Calendar, we posted a common bias every day in December to educate our followers on how different biases influence our learning. In this blog we have gathered all the information from our Cognitive Christmas Calendar and gone more in depth to how you can avoid each bias.

  • Hexagonifying aviation - Grid-based geographic indexing systems are necessary for structuring two-dimensional space information (also higher dimension extension) and streamlining operations such as geographic querying, distance comparisons, proximity searches, spatial visualizations or flexible aggregations.

  • SESAR 3 JU delivers new solutions for market take-up - The SESAR 3 JU members and partners have delivered a new series of solutions ready for industrialisation by aviation stakeholders as part of the drive to make Europe’s aviation infrastructure fit for the digital age. The latest delivery includes a total of 16 solutions aimed at improving airport operations and air traffic services, while boosting the performance of the overall aviation network.