Weekly review #188 - 22nd February

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First up this week, the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) confirms that a power failure at Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Control Centre (KLATCC) in Sepang, Selangor occurred at 1:41pm on Tuesday, 14 February 2023. All air traffic control operations were immediately transferred to the business continuity control facility while the technical malfunction is being rectified. This is to ensure minimal disruption to flight operations and in accordance with the Business Continuity Plan (BCP).


Next, ENAIRE, the national air navigation service provider, through CRIDA, its Research and Development subsidiary, has received 22 valid ideas in the first edition of the “Business Ideas Competition in Air Traffic Management”. The Selection Committee evaluated all the proposals received and the Jury selected the five ideas that will participate in the development or incubation programme, and which of them will be the three that will receive the cash prizes.


In other news, the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and CAA International (CAAi), part of the UK CAA, have signed a regulator-to-regulator partnership to assess and enhance Saudi Arabia’s aviation safety regulatory frameworks in line with global best-practice. The agreement was signed on Tuesday by Captain Sulaiman Almuhaimedi, Executive Vice President of Safety & Aviation Standards of the General Authority of Civil Aviation, and Mr Ben Alcott, International Director at the UK Civil Aviation Authority.


Finally, the Frequentis Transportable Digital Tower solution has undergone trials at Moody Air Force Base (AFB) in Georgia, USA, as part of a multi-site evaluation of digital tower technology. The Moody digital tower solution provides control over an airfield with multiple, parallel runways. The solution uses advanced augmentation to deliver enhanced situational awareness for control over a variety of aircraft types, to include military and civilian aircraft.


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  • SESAR 5G!DRONES white paper summarises future direction of 6G architecture and research - The SESAR research project 5G!DRONES Architecture WG has released the white paper entitled “The 6G Architecture Landscape – European perspective”. The white paper summarizes the main findings from the European research landscape on the vision of the 6G architecture. Such a design vision is derived from around 45 projects starting from October 2020 in all relevant areas of 5G while paving the way towards 6G, within the 5G Public Private-Partnership in the scope of the European Framework for Research and Innovation.
  • Europe invests EUR350 million in digital European sky projects, promotes U-space uptake - Unmanned airspace - The SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking has announced 48 new projects as part of its Digital European Sky research and innovation programme. Representing a total investment of EUR 350 million by industry EU Horizon funding, these projects are part of the drive to make European aviation smarter and sustainable and more sustainable.