Weekly Review #192 - Istanbul airport to service 200m passengers - 22nd March

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First up this week, we have news from Istanbul with its Grand Airport set to accommodate nearly 200 million passengers a year when completed in 2028. The new airport is located approximately 35km outside of Istanbul, between the residential areas of Yenikoy and Akpınar, along the Black Sea coast. And it's already operational, due to the construction being carried out in four stages, with the ability to service up to 90 million passengers a year. 

Next up, we're seeing advancements in AI at Toronto Pearson Airport. The airport has partnered with Assaia to track every aspect of aircraft turnaround performance. By monitoring what is happening around the aircraft in real time, they can use the data to highlight and address inefficiencies, increase gate availability, improve on-time performance and be more transparent with passengers.

In other news, there are exciting developments in Antartica. Osprey is providing critical Instrument flight procedures to enable planes to take off and land safely on the Wolf’s Fang Runway—even in challenging weather conditions and without traditional air traffic control. 

And last but certainly not least, we have a new episode of our podcast, Radar Contact. Tune in to hear us chat with Claude Levacher from SkySoft-ATM about building ATM software.

ANSP news

  • Saudi Air Navigation Services and NATS sign Memorandum of Understanding - Saudi Air Navigation Services and NATS have signed a Memorandum of Understanding signalling their intent to collaborate on initiatives and projects that will help safely manage and efficiently deliver increased capacity over the coming years.
  • Cooperation Agreement Signed with University of Split - Crocontrol - Prof. Dragan Ljutić, PhD, Rector of the University of Split and Vlado Bagarić, Director General of Croatia Control signed a Cooperation Agreement on March 16, 2023, which will enable the cooperation of these institutions on research, development, and educational projects in the field of work of UNIST, and which could make a significant contribution to the success rate of CCL’s development plans.

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