Weekly Review #198 - Runway renovations in Washington DC

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First up, we have news of runway renovations from the United States. Ronald Regan Washington National Airport, one of the three commercial airports serving the Washington DC area, will resurface its two primary runways over the next two years. This will allow it to serve almost 300,000 flights each year, as well as over 1,500 metric tons of air freight.

Next, in news from Spain, Enaire is set to improve the operability of the Córdoba Airport. By implementing new departure, arrival and approach procedures, the national air navigation service provider will enable the scheduling of commercial flights from the airport. The procedures go into service on 15 June and will also enhance accessibility.


In Eastern Europe, BULATSA is training its colleagues at ARMATS, the air navigation service provider of Armenia. The air traffic controllers will learn how to cope with emergency and extraordinary situations. Those who meet the training criteria will receive a certificate compliant with the EU legal framework.


And in more news from Europe, joint stock company Latvijas gaisa satiksme (LGS) signed a contract with the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environmental Executive Agency (CINEA) on issuing European Union co-financing for the construction of a new air traffic control tower at Riga International Airport. The total amount of the co-funding is 26.263 million EUR, with the aim of improving air traffic control infrastructure and adapting it for both civilian and military objectives.


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  • Reagan National Airport Runways To Undergo Improvements - British Aviation Group - Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, one of the three commercial airports supporting the US Washington DC area, will resurface its two primary runways, 1/19 and 15/33, in the next two years. The move comes more than ten years since the last resurfacing. The runway resurfacing will allow the airport to reliably serve almost 300,000 annual flights.

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  • Death of Traditional ATC Training - Are you tired of the traditional classroom format of a teacher standing in front of a chalkboard or PowerPoint? We are. The pandemic has given educators the opportunity to experiment with new and innovative teaching methods, many of which involve digital content delivery.