Weekly review #39 - March 11th

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The impact on the rules governing the air travel industry from the Corona virus outbreak is beginning to show. Normally, demand is over capacity, and regulation mechanisms such as airport slots are in place to ensure the precious capacity is used well. This includes the "use it or lose it" rule, ensuring that airlines don't abuse the mechanism by holding slots they don't use. But now that demand is temporarily and sharply down, the EU has just suspended the rule in order to give the airlines some breathing space. Read more on this and how it effects ATC.

In addition, more events are cancelled or postponed, including Airport Automation and Innovation and Passenger and Terminal Expo. Check our events page for details and update your calendars.


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  • Indra to modernise Uzbekistan ATM and CNS - Indra will completely modernise Uzbekistan's air navigation infrastructure, renovating the route and approach control centres in Tashkent and Samarkand, as well as the terminal control centres in Bukhara and Urgench. Indra will also provide a simulator to reinforce the training of air traffic controllers.  

  • SITTI delivers second lot of VCSs to India - The contract between SITTI and AAI (Airport Authority of India) is a very large one, including a multitude of systems to be deployed nationwide. This major contract for Supply Installation Testing & Commissioning (SITC) of a large number of Voice Communication Systems (VCS) and Voice Recording Systems (VRS) is divided into 5 consignment lots, corresponding to 5 big areas in the Indian subcontinent. 

  • Indra delivers new ATM systems to Saudi Arabia - Over half a year ahead of schedule, the company has delivered the en-route and approach control centres at Yeda and at Dammam. 

  • SITTI awarded a contract for a new VCS in Rancagua (Chile) - SITTI has been awarded a new contract to supply a new VCS system in Chile at La Independencia Airport in Rancagua, located about 80 km south of the capital Santiago.


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