Weekly review #40 - March 18th

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Dear Subscribers,

My first thoughts in this difficult time are for you and your relatives. I wish you all well and to stay healthy. This has to be our main concern at this moment. "Safety first" is the golden rule of aviation - let us apply it together, go through the hard part together and recover together, once this health crisis is over.


Do you remember how EUROCONTROL were preparing mitigation measures to ensure the European network's readiness for summer storms? Hard to believe this was six weeks ago. The crisis hitting aviation is unprecedented and its duration is hard to predict. The Icelandic volcano didn't have such a global reach. The financial crisis in 2008 wasn't such a brutal stop and even 9/11 didn't have the same effect on the aviation industry. Six weeks on and now airport reports for the number of passengers is down by 30% and more, borders are closed to international traffic and airlines are shutting down their operations for unknown times, at least weeks. This is unprecedented and if the long term forecasts are for traffic growth, the short and medium term are unclear. Will there be consolidations? Will the business and operating models change? Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and hindsights with us... The times are changing and you can count on us to keep you best informed.


ANSP news

Market news

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Reports and data

  • IAA monthly traffic February 2020 - The first signs of traffic decline are visible in the report by the Irish ANSP, especially in the en-route (-6%) and oceanic (-3.9). All before the real impact of the Corona virus.
  • EUROCONTROL CNS overview - EUROCONTROL is launching a new communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) infrastructure overview panel with simple, accurate and interactive data on key infrastructure performance metrics from across the European air traffic management (ATM) network.

Research and innovation


  • DSNA selects Altitude Angel for a pre-operational UTM system - French ANSP DSNA to take part in a nationwide, U-space pre-operational program.
  • Airmap UTM for DSNA at Cannes and Nice airports - AirMap is partnering with DSNA to provide pre-operational U-space services to the Nice and Cannes airports. The U-space Together Program aims to deploy a fully operational U-space system in France by 2023.
  • EASA U-Space opinion - The objective of this Opinion is to create and harmonise the necessary conditions for manned and unmanned aircraft to operate safely in the U-space airspace, to prevent collisions between aircraft and to mitigate the air and ground risks. Therefore, the U-space regulatory framework, supported by clear and simple rules, should permit safe aircraft operations in all areas and for all types of unmanned operations.
  • Skyguide and AirMap introduce a new special flights and UAS flights authorization system - Together, skyguide and AirMap implemented a flexible and intelligent digital authorisation workflow solution that streamlines, digitises, and automates airspace authorisation requests for drones and other special flights. The solution alleviates administrative burden and makes it quicker, easier, and safer for UAS and other special flights to access controlled airspace.

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