Weekly review #48- May 13

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While morale in the industry may be fluctuating, we thought it would be nice to steer your attention to our blog on the Airport Authority of India's projected procurements and airport projects. They have made projections for the next three to five years across the CNS, engineering, IT and technology categories - and we think it epitomises the spirit of looking forward in tough times! 

FoxATM Market Radar is fed through our continuous and accurate screening of the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) database, among other sources. We have developed our own tool that sifts through 2000+ notices a day to provide relevant posts to the air traffic management and airport industries. This is a service that will benefit businesses of all sizes. We explain the process in Why we screen this EU-wide tenders database and how this can help you. Have a read and let us know what else might help your organisation. 

ANSP news

Airports news

Market news

Context information

  • NATS on preparing for the unknown - This NATS blog post addresses the variety of flights that keep operating in the COVID-19 crisis as well as how the ANSP keeps their ATCOs proficient and plans for the restart of traffic.

  • IATA Covid Dashboard - This page by IATA collects and summarises COVID related NOTAMs and Aeronautical Information Circulaires (AIC).

Research and innovation

  • Fast Time Simulation for an easier post-crisis transition - For the unprecedented situations created by the COVID-19, the effect of social distancing rules on terminal processes and capacity, the available expertise and knowledge is limited. A way of bridging the knowledge gap is being able to visualize and quantitatively analyze potential scenarios, and how their performance is affected by different variables. to70 believe Fast-Time Simulation can contribute in the transition to the “New Normal”.

  • Re-opening airports with COVID-19 measures - simulating passengers flows in terminals - Think Research simulated various new passenger processing processes in terminals with various recovery levels and this article presents the results.


  • Automated acquisition of geodata for safe integration of Drones into airspace - DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, intends to use highly precise geodata to register and publish no-fly zones for drones. This is an important prerequisite for the safe and fair integration of unmanned aircraft systems into German airspace. For this purpose, DFS has initiated the fAIRport project in cooperation with wetransform and the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research.

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