Weekly review #49- May 20

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Going through the news, it's safe to sum up the mood of the last week with the word 'restart'. The industry is taking the small but nevertheless very important steps towards recovery. Traffic is still low, but we've started to see our first upward trajectory in airline flight volume since the crisis began. 

It's also so encouraging to see the entire aviation industry joining forces to define the safety measures that will get planes and passengers back in the air. Many of these have already been put in place at Frankfurt airport, who are ready to fly safely. They've introduced a newly organised waiting, check-in and baggage area with markings on the floor, posters and trained agents on hand to ensure the safety of everyone. It's great to see this collective effort making great strides towards a restart.  

We'd also like to highlight this excellent tool that allows you to experience the beauty of the world from your own couch! AirMap 360 offers aerial views of the lush green hills of New Zealand, the rooftops of Tokyo and the beauty of the Austrian alps, to name a few. Check it out and let us know your favourite. 

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  • Frankfurt Airport Ready to Fly Safely despite COVID - Amid the continuing coronavirus pandemic, Frankfurt Airport is getting ready to ramp up passenger flights again. Fraport is taking comprehensive steps to prevent contagion in the currently used areas of Terminal 1 and comply with the requirements imposed by the responsible health authorities.

  • COVID-19 Infection control in Norwegian airports - Since the end of January 2020, Avinor has been following the advice and guidelines issued by both the national and local health authorities in order to ensure that good infection control measures are in place at Norway’s airports.

  • ADP-I project in Almaty - ADP Ingénierie works on this contract in collaboration with Groupe ADP, TAV Airports and TAV Construction, who envisage the start of the construction phase in summer 2020. Groupe ADP just announced the signing of a Share Purchase Agreement by its TAV Airports subsidiary (in consortium with VTE Capital) for the acquisition of 100% shares of the airport.

  • Fraport Traffic Figures – April 2020: Major Decline in Passenger Volumes Continues - Frankfurt Airport (FRA) counted only 188,078 passengers in April 2020, 96.9% less than in the corresponding month of last year. The total in the first four months of 2020 dropped by 45.7%. This major decline was due to the ongoing travel restrictions and collapsing demand triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. With only 6,512 takeoffs and landings, flight movements were also down by 85.1 percent.

Market news

  • AZIMUT continues improving its products - Following the successful certification tests, Azimut JSC received an FAAT-RNA 025 Type Certificate issued by the Federal Agency for Air Transport for the upgraded ILS 2700 landing system.

  • SITTI selected for the new VCS in Paramaribo (Suriname) - The Republic of Suriname economic growth and the need of enhancing the air connections infrastructure led to the search for a new Voice Communication System (VCS), capable of coping with the local needs, but already prepared for any possible future expansion. The new system is planned to be installed at the capital’s international airport, Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport. SITTI has been chosen as the preferred supplier.

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