Weekly review #50- May 27

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The impact of the pandemic on the aviation industry has significantly reduced NAV Canada's liquidity. NAV Canada have issued a proposal to increase their fees by 30% as a result of the COVID crisis. This raises questions about private vs. public ANSP's, and how they're able to reduce their costs - a discussion we analyse in more detail on the blog.

More top news of the week includes PANSA issuing a call for tender for a remote tower system for the Lublin airport. We love to see the innovation growing out of Poland. Their PansaUTM system, powered by Hawk-e DroneRadar has been in operation for nearly three months, where it's enjoyed a great and continuing interest from drone operators in Poland. We found this link through our scanning of the TED database, one of the many sources we draw from to feed the FoxATM Market Radar. 

And finally, hot news that we couldn't possibly ignore is that as this is our 50th issue, we celebrate our first year of FoxATM weekly reviews! Hasn't it 'flown' by?. Thanks for joining in, we look forward to many more years of news and analysis. And, as ever, please do let us know what you think and how we're doing!

ANSP news

  • Changes to air traffic services in New Zealand reflect a profoundly altered industry - Airways will collaborate with a working party that includes the affected airports, Civil Aviation Authority, a general aviation representative and Air New Zealand to plan a safe and orderly transition. The group will identify when the current services will be withdrawn from each airport and what type of service, if any they may be replaced with. This process is expected to take around six months.  

  • NAV CANADA releases proposal to change service charges - NAV CANADA today released, for consultation, a proposal to revise customer service charges, effective September 1, 2020. The proposal calls for increased service charges averaging 29.5% in base rates and includes provisions to ease the cash flow impact of the increase on its customers through payment deferral mechanisms.

  • Paolo Simioni names as new ENAV CEO - The Board of Directors of ENAV S.p.A., appointed by the Shareholders' Meeting held today, and chaired for the first time by Mrs. Francesca Isgrò, has appointed Mr. Paolo Simioni as Chief Executive Officer, conferring on him, as Company head.

Market news

  • Update of SITTI VCS in Kiev and Lviv - Following the positive experience with the existing Voice Communication Systems (VCS) from SITTI, the Ukrainian Air Navigation Service Provider UKSATSE decided to upgrade them, by adding new multi-protocol radio/telephone interfaces and digital E1 links.

  • New SITTI VCS now in service in Vilnius - The new VCS system of ORO NAVIGACIJA in Vilnius has now been installed and made operational. The setup process has been supported by SITTI technicians that worked side-by-side with the local Lithuanian staff to overcome all possible problems that large installations may encounter.

Context information

  • Interview with Aireon's CEO Don Thoma

  • SESAR JU - Preparing the next generation of ATM professionals - How can training professionals inspire the next-generation aviation workforce in anticipation of the digital economy? More important, how can they nurture that talent to ensure greater mobility and connectivity of air travel? Read this interview with David Bowen, SESAR JU Chief of ATM, on the work being carried out within the framework of the SESAR Digital Academy to address these challenges.

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