Weekly review #61 - 12th August

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Recently, we've noticed a surge in communication of the impact of COVID-19 on the ATC simulation market, specifically around remote/home-office training. 


Micro Nav have been discussing the use of simulation to train staff during the pandemic to ensure they're ready as traffic picks up, and on how ANSPs can share their resources during joint simulation. 


We spoke to Micro Nav's managing director in June on how the remote features of their BEST ATC Simulator can be used to support ANSPs that require remote simulation. Check out our interview here. 


ROSE Simulation have discovered an inventive, adaptive and more cost-efficient training model that can become a standard part of ATM training in the future. Their AIR suite is a fully-integrated set of ATC training solutions, composed of the AMOS tower simulator, the IRIS VoiceCom System and the ROSE Radar Simulator. 


UFA's Air Traffic Simulation and Voice Technologies provides multiple remote-learning solutions which are helping its customers train outside the traditional classroom. 


Another interesting thing we've picked up from our scanning is on the increase of calls to tenders for new simulators. This is available in our database for our premium services, which you can learn more about here. 

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Context information

  • The challenges of fully automating air traffic management - NATS Blog - Automation can bring with it the opportunity to further improve safety levels. And it’s already in our operation. The big jump for the future will be from controllers making the decisions with tools to support them. to the technology making the decision without a human to check and then ‘accept’ the solution.
  • SESAR takes first steps toward SWIM governance - Air Traffic Management - On 31 July 2020, the final deliverables of the SWIM Governance SDM, Project were delivered to the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM), thus concluding more than 3 years of collaborative work involving 20 partners as diverse as airports, airlines, air navigation service providers, meteorological service providers, military organizations and Eurocontrol.

Research and innovation

  • Is virtual ATCO training the future? - Think Research - Long blog post by Think Research exploring various aspect of remote training for ATCOs.
  • SESAR Joint Undertaking | Enabling seamless air traffic management - Air navigation service providers (ANSPs) can accurately predict aircraft trajectories in their national airspaces but they do not always have a clear view of the constraints that may lie ahead, beyond their national borders. Five ANSPs from Germany (DFS), France (DSNA), Spain (Enaire), Italy (ENAV) and Eurocontrol (MUAC) - along with technology providers, Indra, Leonardo and Thales, have been working to address the challenge in the SESAR research project on ground-to-ground interoperability (IOP).


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