Weekly review #70- 14th October

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COVID-19 is hard to ignore at the moment. But, it's also crucial to look beyond it. While a lot of the problems associated with the virus will go away over time, topics such as training and the nuances of meteorology will always remain. 


For example, we saw this week that Croatian Control Ltd (CCL) has formed an in-house training organisation to optimise air traffic controller (ATCO) training in order to make sure there will be sufficient controllers ready and waiting for when the aviation industry recovers. It means that future ATCOs won't have to be trained abroad, which will enable significant cost-savings and make training more available to Croatian candidates. 


We also spotted that the weather impact tool for ATFCM is becoming an operational reality. The fully-automated tool will enhance weather situational awareness and support the implementation of ATFCM mitigation measures. The research focused on both technical and operational aspects that are all intended to provide up-to-date and accurate European thunderstorms forecast based on a multi-weather model algorithm. 


Smart stuff! We're big fans of innovation and training projects that are looking after the future of the industry. What do you think?


ANSP news

  • FABEC replaced zigzag flight paths with optimised routes - Functional Airspace Block Europe Central (FABEC) horizontal flight efficiency reached 96.72% in 2019, indicating flights in FABEC airspace flew close to ideal trajectories and approached their maximum possible efficiency. This is the equivalent of adding just 17km to the average flight length of 522 km.

  • Annual Report skeyes - skeyes presents in its Annual Report the results of the year 2019

  • Croatia Control develops new capabilities in ATCO training - FAB CE - To ensure an adequate response to traffic demand in the post-COVID 19 period and beyond, Croatia Control Ltd (CCL) has formed an in-house Training Organisation to optimise air traffic controller (ATCO) training and to guarantee there will be an appropriate number of controllers available when the aviation industry recovers.

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